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Pigments can be defined as colorful material that is not soluble or nearly insoluble in water. They are inorganic compounds. They can be classified as natural and artificial pigments. They are a wonderful way to add colors to your art and craft jobs. With a considerable variety of colors and finishes, pigments aid in providing a unique and lively means to express creativity.

Pigments can array in shades, such as blue, yellow, etc. it should be noted that the shade of the pigment is figured out by the chemical structure of the material. The use of pigment is increasing tremendously. They are used in ceramic tiles, mosaic and glass sanitary baths, ceramic artwork, etc.

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About us:

We (Foshan Pampas Colors Co., Ltd) are a professional company that specializes in the production and sales of glass pigments, toughened pigments, enamels, ceramic pigments, ceramic glaze, and mosaic auxiliary material. Over the past 13 years, our company has been paying great attention to product research and development and product innovation. Furthermore, we are constantly introducing new products to serve customers.

Among various types of products, our signature product is ceramic pigment.

Ceramic pigment:

The ceramic pigment is usually a metal transition complex oxide. They are usually obtained by the calcination process. They are mostly preferred over other types of pigments because they are chemically and thermally stable. Also, they possess high tinting strength. There are a number of ceramic pigments. Some of them are used alone, while others can be mixed with ceramic oxides. It is essential to test each one with a slip, polish, or frit base before utilizing it in a ceramic job.

They are an expensive type of pigment. Therefore, most of the suppliers sell them in minute quantities.

Why buy ceramic pigment from our company?

There are more than enough reasons to choose us over other suppliers. Our products are mainly used in the glass deep-processing industry, such as dry pressure, glass, ceramic, mosaic ceramic tiles, etc.

The foremost reason to choose us over other companies is that we are the No.1 option for professionals. Our products are mainly exported to major markets, including Sweden, France, Spain, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.

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