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A pigment is a natural colored material that is nearly or completely soluble in water. In other words, it is a substance that has passionate color and is used in the coloring of other materials. They are widely used in ceramics, glass mosaics, etc in order to tint the surface. In this article, we will tell you about various types of pigments that are used around us for various purposes. Read on to know  what these are:

Types of pigments:

Pigments; depending upon their formulation are widely classified as organic as well as inorganic pigments. Among the two types of pigments, inorganic pigments are the ones that are derived from ores and minerals. They are crushed and used for various purposes.

Inorganic pigments are nearly based on sulfide, oxides, silicate, sulfate, oxide hydroxide, or carbonate. They are categorized into the following types:

Ceramic pigment:

The type of pigment that is usually a metal transition complex oxide is known as ceramic pigment. They are usually obtained by the calcination process (heating of solid to great temp. for removing the unstable substance. The ceramic pigments are able to show the following features:

  1. Chemical stability
  2. Thermal stability
  3. High tinting strength

Mosaic pigment:

The mosaic pigment is a type of pigment that owns the following characteristics and is known for its stability.

  1. Powder fineness
  2. Good resistance against alkali
  3. Fine resistance against heat

The processing time for such pigment is 1050 to 1250 degrees celsius.

Enamel pigment:

Enamel pigments are considered as high-temperature stable inorganic pigments that are used in various industries, especially the enamel ones. Because they are able to withstand a variety of temperatures. Including high temperatures without the fear of degradation of the color. Such pigments possess an excellent light fastness.

Brick pigment:

The pigments that are used for coloring bricks are known as brick pigments. Also, they are the best option for mosaic printing. Such pigments are the raw materials that are used for colorizing the bricks from the custom-fired clay shades to red color. You can easily achieve any color using a brick pigment.

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