Iron oxide red ceramic

Inorganic color pigments are bright red powder with fine particles, bright color and excellent physical and chemical properties. It has strong acid resistance, alkali resistance, light resistance, heat resistance, stable chemical properties, high covering power, strong tinting strength, and excellent anti-rust and anti-infrared properties.


Mainly used for colored cement and colored concrete. Manufacture of artificial marble, floor tiles, plastic, glass, sugar porcelain, asbestos, artificial leather, leather polish and other colorants and fillers. Concrete colored tiles, pavement tiles, laminate and wear-resistant floors, colored mortar, colored grouts, etc. For various anti-rust paints, primers, topcoats. Widely used in ceramic exterior wall tiles, exterior wall ceramic plates, square bricks, polished tiles such as Indian red, Brati, large particles and other varieties and color glaze industries.

Storage and transportation conditions
Store in a dry place, do not get wet, avoid high temperature, and isolate from acid and alkali. According to the above storage conditions, the shelf life of the unopened product is three years.


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