What Are Pigments? How Do They Differ From Dyes?

Pigments are solid decorative substances in the form of fine discrete particles. They are insoluble in the medium through which they are applied. The term pigment includes white (ZnO and TiO2 dioxide), black (carbon), as well as other colored substances.

Organic pigments are structurally similar to dyes. They contain both chromophoric as well as auxochromic groups. But unlike dyes, pigments are used as suspension and not as solutions. Dyes are soluble in water or organic solvent, whereas pigments are entirely insoluble.

The same colored substances can be used as a dye as well as pigments. If a solubilizing group like -SO3H is introduced in the pigment, it becomes a dye.

The color of the pigment depends upon the chemical structure as well as its physical form. The tone, brightness, and hiding (covering) power of the pigment depend on the shape and size of the pigment particles. Therefore, the size of the pigment particles is very important.

Pigment should have good fastness to light. It depends on the medium in which it is dispersed. If the pigments are used in an acid medium, then they must be acid fast. They should be stable to heat when used in glass, ceramics, enamels, etc.

They should be completely insoluble in water as well as in organic solvents; even if it is slightly soluble, it crystallizes and shade changes.

Pigments are used for various purposes. They are used in the preparation of emulsion paints for surface coating and extensively used in printing design on textile fabrics in combination with a resin binder. Moreover, they are used in printing inks in the form of paste.

Last but not least, pigments can be used for printing paper, tin plates, and metal foil and are used in cardboard wrapping material, etc. the mass coloration of rubber and plastic is carried out by mixing pigments with molten plastic and rubber. They are used for making colored paper by mixing with cellulose pulp. Furthermore, they are used in manufacturing distempers, artist colors, crayons, etc.

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