What is Glow In The Dark Pigment Powder?

The type of pigment that can look like powdered colored chalks is called pigment powder. In simple words, it is called grown-up colors. Cadmium red, yellow ochre, ultramarine blue, and titanium white are typical examples of pigment powder. In this article, we will discuss glow in dark pigment powder. Without any further delay, let’s begin with our topic:

Glow in the dark pigment powder:

As the name suggests, the type of pigment powder that can glow in the dark is called glow in the dark pigment powder. Such powders usually glow in the absence of light for up to 30 hours. They can be found in toys and many other accessories. Glow in the dark pigment powder, aka photoluminescent glow powder, can be used for personal, industrial, or commercial use.

The unique thing about glow-in-the-dark pigment powder is that they do not all glow the same. Each micron size and color have its unique time for glow and specific brightness. Aqua, blue and green are the best colors, with red and purple being the most complex colors to satisfy some. Zinc sulfide is the first generation of glow powders.

It is the only type of pigment powder that the FDA approves for little novelty and cosmetic use. If zinc sulfide is the first generation of glow powder, then it would not be wrong to say that europium and dysprosium doped strontium illuminate is the up-to-date generation of glow-in-the-dark pigment powders. It can glow for a long time and is much brighter than zinc sulfide.

Some pigment powders can also glow in the daytime. The colors that are derived from glow powders are called fluorescent daytime pigment powders. They are tinted for a colorful look in daylight. They do not glow brighter (because they are tinted) and as long as their natural powder counterpart.

Furthermore, invisible glow powders, aka natural glow powders, are usually off-white in ordinary daylight. It can glow either purple, green, blue, aqua, or even white in the dark. If blended at a low ratio, it can appear invisible in transparent products. Such pigments can glow brighter for a long time.

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